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Comprehensive WordPress membership website

Home Fellowship System International has just launched an impressive WordPress Membership website. HFS International is part of BSSN Foundation and their new website is one of a number of websites that we have designed and implemented for BSSN.  

BSSN International is a charity that focuses on social and spiritual growth and outreach in the UK and internationally.  I want to share some of the principles behind the design of this website with you to give you ideas that you may wish to include on your own website.

A membership website is one of several website design options we provide.

WordPress Membership website video...

Spiritual foundations

This membership website outlines the spiritual underpinnings of the charity and includes a growing body of worship and study resources that visitors can access via the free membership portal.

WordPress Membership Website architecture

The website is structured into four headings. The first heading sets out the principles behind the Home Fellowship System in terms of spiritual and social renewal which is supported by the biblical text.  The pages under this heading look at the early church and how it has changed over time and why there is a need to refocus on first-century experience and teaching and how that is applied.

How Home Fellowship System operates

How Home Fellowship System operates is outlined through its social and spiritual outreach content. People are invited to find out more about individual and collective membership. Popups and access to resources in their membership website enable this. 

Internet broadcasting 

As part of a broader charity, Home Fellowship System benefits from exposure on internet radio broadcasting. This is steadily growing from a base in Milton Keynes and attracts international listeners. The HFS International membership site includes translation capabilities for non-English readers. 

Prayer and popups

Should a visitor move away from the membership website they will be offered a blessing and an offer of prayer.

News blog

For those that continue to navigate the site, we provide a blog with the latest news and a members area.

Membership area

The members’ area is secure and accessed by a passport and user name. The membership website content area includes teaching material, a forum, events notifications and study aids such a the bible and hymnary. 

Non-public access

Also provided are secure areas for Elders and Charity Officers to store minutes and records.


In summary, this WordPress membership website is interactive with a global membership. People can securely share ideas and content, they communicate ideas and create new content in ways that were not possible prior to this website going live.  HFS International is one of several websites we have delivered for them,  MK Gospel Radio and Churches in Milton Keynes are examples. 

If you have any questions about the design and use of the website, I would be pleased to discuss them with you. Either please call me, or reply using the button below. My telephone number os 0771 0628198.

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