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An ecommerce website is either a standalone online business or a complimentary channel for ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses. An ecommerce website enables visitors to buy from you 365×24 irrespective of location or currency. 

An ecommerce website is adaptable to trends and opportunities. It gives the ability to test prices and special offers, to change products on your website and to upsell and cross sell products using sales funnels and AI.  

Our design and development services use WooCommerce because it is the industry standard ecommerce plugin, it integrates with WordPress, Page builders and a host of plugins that add functionality create fast and effective websites.

ecommerce website growth
eCommerce continues to grow and fuels website development

In combination with email marketing, analytics, SEO and CRM tools your ecommerce businesses has all it needs to be successful.

We support clients from concept to completion, starting with a review your business strategy to lessons learned at the end of a project.  Our methodology helps us to design your website with state of the art plugins to deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

Through careful selection of plugins, we enable you to create exciting offers, to accept and fulfill orders and track the success of your business. 

Our content services provide the design, copy and images to create an online store for your customers.  We coach and train clients on content creation and management. 

Ecommerce design factors

Designing an ecommerce website can be tricky—but armed with top web design tips for ecommerce, you have everything you need to design a site that not only looks amazing, but converts like crazy.  So what are you waiting for? Use these tips to give your online shop the overhaul it deserves.
Ecommerce website design principles
The Apple brand features strong images, minimal text and strong colours to sell their products and services
ecommerce website design checkout
Checkout for Apple products uses a simple configuration tool to guide people through the buying process.

Our ecommerce website designs address each of the following factors that are essential for a successful ecommerce website.

  •  Keep the design simple, avoid distractions and focus on providing sufficient information to make a sale. Clear signposting, categorisation and search functions make navigation easy. 
  • Make branding a priority. When it comes to shopping online, people want to buy from established brands so it is important to ensure that your banding is consistent and that your credentials and endorsements are evident. 
  • A good website user experience is essential. Your content and sales funnels must guide visitors from creating awareness of your services to purchase.
  • Use colour, images and copy consistently. Design must help visitors to scan your website, pages and offers and take action. 
  • Trustworthiness and security is vital. You’re asking for personal and banking information. 
  • Provide positive reviews and commendations from people who have bought from you.
  • Make checkout easy. 
  • Your website must be designed for ease of use on mobile devices, tablets and desktop devices.


There is a huge selection of plugins that add value to the base WooCommerce plugin. These add functionality and styling options to enhance marketing and sales offers and funnels, stock management, financial control, tax and currency converations, post and product return management to name but a few!

Navigating through these options is a potential minefield because some plugins are better than others, integration, cost and support are factors to be considered, along with impact on website speed and user experience.

Our requirements capture and design services remove the stress from WooCommerce Design and Build projects so customers can focus on what they want to achieve and developing the skills and processes required.    

Turn your WooCommerce website into a selling machine using one-click sales funnels with frictionless checkout, custom thank you pages, global checkout replacement, and more… CartFlows is the best and easiest way to sell products and services on your website.

Plugin example

Bright Watches is a WooCommerce case study that used:

  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce
  • WP-List Pro
  • WP-Lister for Amazon
  • WordPress SEO 
  • WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser

Which plugins would you choose for your WooCommerce website?

Ecommerce website
Careful plugin selection determines functionality, user experience and results.

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We use WooCommerce

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Secure and reliable online appointment booking and payment to match client and practitioner.

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