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An appointment website matches experts with people who need services that the specialists provide.  

A well understood business booking services is private health insurance. This is where clients use an appointment website to search for and book a consultant with the right mix of skills and availability.  An appointment booking website makes this a very efficient process. It gives consultants the opportunity to manage their availability and to update their contact information and credentials. It benefits the insurance provider by offering a large pool of relevant professionals and it gives matches professionals to need quickly and efficiently.

These principles apply in other business that require matching functionality such as a local dentist or a financial management practice. 

An appointment website provides online bookings either as the primary service or as an option where alternative methods apply such as telephone or walk in bookings.

Your appointment website requires high quality design content. We take care of this by providing web design, copywriting, graphics and photography services. 

business Users

An appointment website or a website with appointment booking capabilities is a huge asset for many types of businesses. The examples below show homepages for professionals in different sectors.

Appointment Website customers
Appointment Website clients


Your appointment booking system requires the following:

  • It must be mobile friendly so that people on the go can make appointment online. Your booking system needs to be easy to navigate and make an appointment!
  • It needs to manage appintments by sending confirmations, reminders and cancellation alerts.
  • Integration with your customers mail and diary management system such as google calendar and Outlook is critical.
  • Customisation is very important because it needs to be branded and consistent with your website style and layout.
  • Choosing an online appointment solution with multiple payment methods is essential so that your clients have choice and convenience.
  • A comprehensive management dashboard is essential to track appointment, revenue and important data to inform decision making.
  • The booking system must be straightforward to manage so that you can adapt the design to changing circumstances. 
Mobile Responsive Appointment Website
Mobile responsiveness is essential for customer convenience and ease of booking
Appointment website - Dashboard
Dashboard for informed decision making


There are a bewildering number of plugins and website themes that can be used for an appointmnet website.  

The table below lists 20 well known plugins and their costs. Several come as free versions or free with paid version that add capability. They mostly offer similar features but the breadth and depth of what they provide does vary and it is important to make the right choice. Making a decision on which plugin to use is made especially hard when starting out when requirements are not fully understood and the perceived risk of making a mistake is high. We will help you make the right decision.

Our recommendation is to refine the list to three plugins and decide on which best meet requirements and provide responsive customer service. 

Remember that the appointnment plugin only provides the appoint booking and management functionality, the website in which it sits needs to be designed, supported and developed.

The plugin list is taken from an article from Hubspot.

This is not a complete list of plugins.  There are many more, some with specialist applications for ecommerce and to integrate with other plugins from the same stable or from other software developers.  Please get in touch if you need more or you are interested in an assessment of plugins and their suitability for a specific function.

free consultation

Appointment booking websites
Secure and reliable online appointment booking and payment to match client and practitioner.

The appointment booking plugin we use is Easy Appointment because it is simple to install, configure and manage. We do not need advanced reporting or payment features which leaves us free to invest in other website features. 


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