Website design and management


Social media set up and organisation

Business case, plans and budgets

People, processes and technology

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Running your own business and keeping on top of your operation is challenging.  Being busy should not get in the way of periodically looking at how your online operation is performing to identify opportunities to be more efficient and effective. 

This is what our review service does by looking at tools and methods, by speaking to people, understanding your business and objectives and by comparing these against good practice.  

The outcome of a review is a presentation of findings and recommendations.



  • Gain insight and recommendations aimed at achieving higher levels of effectiveness, efficiency and success.


  • Website design and management.
  • SEO set up and effectiveness.
  • Social media setup and organisation.
  • Business case, plans and budgets.
  • People, processes and technology.
  • Campaign planning and operations.


  • Identify and accelerate opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of existing capability.
  • Identify new tools and methods to achieve further success.


The steps below are typical of an assignment.

  • Free consultation.
  • Proposal. 
  • Strategist allocated.
  • Investigate, analyse and recommend.
  • Share with client.



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