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Planning is essential to make informed decisions and avoid making unnecessary & costly mistakes.  If you are setting out on a project with little experience or the project is more complex than expected, then effective planning is difficult because you may not know what you need know!  That is why is is valuable to get advice from people who have experience in these areas.  You benefit from their experience and methods! Their advice will save you time and money and you will avoid pitfalls that you may otherwise have done.  

Take for example DIY website building. You decide to develop a website. As you go through the journey you begin to understand the complexity of what that entails. You want SEO and this need many pages and posts. Content takes time to create and without a developed understanding of what SEO content requires you may find that you do not have the expertise, methodologies and funding to deliver what you need. 

By workshopping a project with an expert you find out the breadth and depth of what a web design and build project involves so that you can decide what can be done internally and outsourced to a web design shop. You may decide that websign is best left to the experts because they deliver faster and at higher quality, leaving you to focus on other tasks that deliver more value.   

Our planning engagements look at project scope, requirements, capacity,  and delivery options. We look at people, processes, technologies, budgets and financial run rates.  

We develop SMART project plans that identify and scale risk and their mitigation. Change control provides a structure to manage scope creep and decisions that need to be made. Armed with considered information and plans you are well placed to make decisions and get a solution delivered to time, quality and cost.  

Use us to define the scope of a project, to develop delivery plans and SMART schedules, and to project manage assignments.



  • Define scope, risks, issues and challenges and their mitigation. Produce delivery roadmaps and schedules based on budget and resource levels and to put in place governance for decision making. 


  • Delivery options analysis and recommendations
  • Delivery planning workshops
  • Planning document and SMART schedule (MS Project) 
  • Project governance design
  • Project recovery planning


  • Project scope, resources risks and financial exposure 
  • Outputs defined with quality criteria
  • Timescales defined
  • No surprises


The steps below are typical of an assignment.

  • Free consultation.
  • Proposal. 
  • Project planner allocated.
  • Investigate and deliver
  • Share with client.



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