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Assessment and lessons learned

Campaign Planning and delivery?

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Campaigns are the lifeblood of an online and offline business. They set out objectives and timescales so that content can be created and posted on websites and social media at the right time, targeted at the right people. 

Online campaigns involve paid advertising and SEO to get visitors to view and respond to special offers and prompts.  They include email, snail mail, telephone marketing and direct selling. 

Purchases are fulfilled. Online visitor behaviour and purchase revenues are assessed. Lessons are learned. These steps and many more are considered in campaign planning.



  • An online and website strategy provides direction, informs decision making and avoid costly wrong turns.


  • Online and offline campaign strategy & planning
  • Website design and build
  • Website campaign pages and posts
  • Social media setup
  • Copy, photography, graphics and video 
  • SEO 
  • Advertising
  • Assessment 
  • Lessons learned


  • Annual, seasonal, product and ad hoc campaign sequencing.
  • Online and offline campaign integration.
  • Capacity and resourcing.
  • Tailored content.
  • Measures and analysis.
  • Experimentation.


The steps below are typical of an assignment.

  • Free consultation.
  • Proposal. 
  • Campaign manager allocated.
  • Investigate, plan, create and deliver
  • Measurement
  • Lessons learned



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