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Want your website found?

Good Web design and SEO drives site traffic!


Getting your website found on Google and search engines is a challenge for new websites and for businesses in competition with established websites. 

Paid advertising is a tried and tested way to get a website ranked on Google but this is expensive, requires research and involves experimentation. It can be ‘hit or miss’.  

The alternative to paid advertising is organic search. Organic search is where search engines rank and presents websites that the search engine determines to be relevant and authoritative.  The trick with organic search and SEO is to get your website ranking prominently on the search engine’s first or second page because the lion’s share of business goes to the highest ranking websites.

Both paid advertising and organic strategies require detailed research to identify keywords and careful framing of content to attract visitors. Paid advertising offers a higher probability of being presented in a prime position on the first page of search engine results than organic search.  To rank against an advertised website your website must have more relevant, timely and authoritative content. This requires time, effort and funding.  

Getting ranked on a search engine using organic search techniques is a science and an art. SEO counters the ranking bias of paid advertising using keywords, keyword phrases and SEO compliant websites and content.  Keyword research aims to identify words and phrases that people put into a search engine. The search engine matches your website content and competitor websites against keywords and phrases and applies a score that determines placement of your website on the results page. If your website scores highly your website link is ranked favourably on the results screen.

SEO delivers sustainable traffic to your website, avoids expensive advertising, builds your brand, sales and website reputation and authority.    SEO is not a quick fix.  It can be a long term commitment and as part of an overarching marketing strategy that includes online advertising, social media campaigns and offline marketing. 



  • To get your website to rank and presented on a search engine by people entering keywords and phrases.  Once found, your website has the opportunity to achieve what it was designed for.  


  • Marketing strategy and SEO within it.
  • Website design is SEO compliant – Site speed, architecture, optimisation etc.
  • SEO keyword and keyword phrase research – market and competitor analysis.
  • Existing page and post SEO assessment – Quick fix and recommendations.
  • SEO content strategy.
  • SEO content creation. 
  • SEO campaign analysis and recommendations.


  • Build a sustainable online business.
  • Dynamic tool to respond to and create opportunities.


The steps below are typical of an assignment.

  • Free consultation to agree the objectives and approach.
  • Proposal confirming the fees and deliverables.
  • SEO specialist allocated.
  • Statement of work published
  • Deliver SOW and assess progress
  • Review campaign and lessons learned. 



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