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~ Website Optimisation Services ~

Loading times are key to a successful website

It is really important that your website opens and responds quickly to visitor clicks. People searching through slow websites are not impressed or prepared to wait for websites to download their contents. More often than not leave they quickly move onto other websites, never to return. Sales are lost and opportunities to nurture loyal customers are gone.

Website optimisation

Fortunately, these issues can be addressed by tuning your site and how it operates; more specifically by managing cache, image compression, and maximising code efficiency.  Your hosting provider and the hosting plan may also be a significant factor.  We recently changed our hosting provider because we were having issues with customer service and site speed.  As part of the process, we noted the pre and post site load speed and as a result of tuning our site, we reduced the Fully Loaded Time from around 7 seconds to 2.6 seconds.   GTMetrix is a respected tool used by professionals to identify technical issues and to suggest remedies.

Website maintenance

The table above shows the results of an audit of our website. The results show that we now perform very well in the technical aspects required for a responsive website.  Our challenge going forward is to maintain this and reduce load times still further and this will require ongoing updates to our theme and plugins, with particular attention on the size of the images and videos we use.  In parallel with this maintenance, we review the security performance of our website to ensure that the website is backed up and that the tools used are appropriately configured.

Find out more

We optimise our own websites and customer websites prior to go-live and we provide website optimisation and maintenance services for existing and new customers for peak performance and security.  Contact us now to find out more. 

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