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Website content photography Tips

5 practical Website Photography Tips Kilton Keynes

Website photography content tips Milton Keynes is an article that gives an overview of the photography services we provide plus 6 practical tips that will improve your website content photography.  Armed with this information you are better placed to create your own content or to brief a creative agency.  

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I hope these 6 tips encourage you to create content using high quality images that will reinforce your brand and deliver a positive customer experience.

A short video outlining our Website Content Photography Milton Keynes services. 

Tip #1 – Good website photography is not just about the camera and equipment

Your business and website is your online brand. Whilst not all the images on your website needs to be professionally shot, hero images and cornerstone content must have the best possible images and copy. 

By image quality, I do not mean just the technical aspects of an image like exposure or contrast, but also how the subject is posed, dressed, organised and located. Images that communicate authority are very different from images that communicate humour. The last thing you want is to post images that communicate one message whilst your article, through your words and page design tells another!.

The point is that every image tells a story. If you want your website and website content to communicate certain values and messages then very often images need to be set-up, talent posed and the environment created, or at least thought through. Technical expertise takes over at the point of capture and in the editing suite to get the best quality from the shoot.  

Bottom line – Tell a story.


Tip #2 – Your own website photography will beat stock images every time

Stock images are not a representation of your reality. Stock images invariably show perfect locations and perfect people that appear false and manufactured.  The consequence is that stock images are unlikely to fool your customers and may be counter-productive, especially when another business has taken the time and effort to create authentic images.  

Stock images of products for eCommerce websites often need to be replaced with products photographed as they will be used by real people.  Yes, images will be artificial to a degree but the images tell a more authentic story and are much more appealing to people wanting to better understand what they are buying. They are also more effective sales tools, especially when combined with engaging copy. 

Your customers will thank you for the extra effort, and so will your bank balance. Besides, by telling a story, you have the opportunity to create compelling copy that will help make your customers buy from you.  Website Content Photography Tips Milton Keynes draws on an assignment where our photographs replaced images whose quality and composition was sub-par.

Bottom line – Invest in professional images and copy for cornerstone content. Tell them to tell stories.


Tip #3 – Your photographs are assets

You have spent time and money creating photographs so use them across social media platforms and in business collateral.  Use them again and again. They have a value so leverage that value. Storage is cheap.  Website Content Photography Tips Milton Keynes references over 300,000 images in our own database, many of which are used time and again.

Bottom line – Invest in professional photography to build a core database of excellent images.


Tip # 4 – Do not think photographer – think a wizard

There are lots of photographers, but there are not too many people who want to work with you to develop and put into practice IDEAS.  Look for people who will go the extra mile for you, who will feed you with creative ideas at the concept stage, people who think about the messages you want to communicate, how posts will be written and presented and what that means in terms of the photoshoot.  These people are worth their weight in gold.

Bottom Line – Build long term relationship with people who can think out of the box and delivers results.


Tip # 5 – Website photography images need to be edited and posted in suitable sizes and formats

Having taken lots of photographs and you are pleased with the story they tell, the images need to be edited and formatted for each post, page and online platform. This can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Delegate it to the people with expertise. 

Bottom Line – Leave the tedious and relatively low-value tasks to others. You should focus on what earns the company money!

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