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Wonderful worship, music and teaching at Mountain Glory International
in Bletchley

C2 Website services create relevant and timely content for BSSN Foundation’s websites and social media.  Having contemporary images and copy for their internet channels is key to get their message across. 

websites and content

Websites And Content

The montage below is a sample of photographs that were professionally captured and processed by C2 Website Services for BSSN Foundation. These images, together with videos, will be used as content in their websites and social media. Using timely and relevant images along with explanatory copy will demonstrate the range and vitality of BSSN Foundation activities and outreach.

BSSN Foundation

BSSN Foundation is a Christian Charity focussed on education and training, and the prevention and relief of poverty.   Having timely and relevant content for their websites and social media is very important and central to their marketing approach.   To find more about BSSN Foundation and how you can help, contact enquiries@BSSNMedia.com.

C2 Website Services

C2 Website Services design and implement websites and content. This includes strategic and operational advice along with project management to help charities and small business succeed.  

  •  Our service is personal.  We are flexible and tailor our approach to the needs of you and your team.  Our individual approach means that you are not tied to inflexible design templates or procedures. 
  • We create value by working with you and your team to design and develop a solution specifically for your needs, with an eye for the future and protection of the investment you have already made in time and money.
  • Value for money is delivered because of our unique approach.  

For more information about our services and how we can help, please contact David at DavidStewart@C2.services or call him on 0771 0628198.

Thank you.

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