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Web design and delivery

Simple steps from start to finish

Our web design and development roadmap is a series of simple steps that we follow website projects. The steps provide a simple navigate to guide people through the journey from initial consultation to handover of a finished website. Specific steps for each project are agreed during initial discussions and confirmed in the Contract and Statement of Work. 

  • Initial consultation (Email, phone, zoom or in person).
  • Price quote or proposal.
  • Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Website design contract.
  • Non-refundable 50% deposit.
  • Deep dive with client (Sitemap, set goals, expectations and review sites together).
  • Submit custom mock-up of cornerstone page or pages.
  • Request content (including but not limited to logo, brand guidelines, images, text content) via dropbox folders
  • A designer is given the project and website is started on our server.
  • Client is provided 1st look at development link and we request revisions (on desktop only).
  • Next payment of 25% is required to move forward with revisions.
  • Revisions are made internally and reviewed. The link is resent to client.
  • Client provides second and last set of revisions. We make the changes.
  • Client is given a final review of site on desktop for approval.
  • Once desktop is approved mobile responsiveness is completed.
  • Test website on multiple browsers, devices, screen sizes, contact forms, navigation items, hyperlinks, social media, anchor texts.
  • Client pays remainder of balance (25%).
  • We migrate site to clients hosting server (or hand over files).
  • An email with login’s & passwords provided to client.
  • Client is offered additional services and/or 1-on-1 tutorial.
  • Client has 7 days to review and notify us of any errors free. Updates fixed free of charge.

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