Types of Websites

There are many different types and designs of websites. As the complexity and strategic importance of online trading and provision of client services  broadens and deepens, the skills and business processes grows significantly as does the cost of people, processes and technology.  This is clear from the descriptions below where there is overlap between the different typles of site and the skills needed for success. This complexity is a challneg to manage, that is why we provice advice and services from project concept to completion.

Starter websites

Establish an online presence. Communicate your brand, products and services to your clients. Relatively inexpensive to create, host and manage.  Plan for the future and build functionality and expertise over time.

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Marketing websites

To create demand, leads and loyalty.  Uses a range of tools and techniques e.g.  pop-ups for special offers and promotions, subscriptions, blogs and collaboration tools to build loyalty and repeat visits.  Requires heavier payload hosting to manage traffic and robust security to protect your brand and client data.

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E-Commerce websites

A marketing website on steroids to attract and keep clients with the added advantage of purchasing products and services online, at that monent in time.  These sites are complex to set up and manage from commercial, content and technical perspectives. Advanced security is essential.

Types of Website

Appointment websites

These websites are essential to manage appointments and to match skills against need.  These sites invite interactivity with visitors and clients.  Integration of the front end website with secure servers and databases is essential to manage large volumes of sensitive data.

Types of Website

Membership websites

Membership sites provide visitors and regular customers with priviledged and often tiered access to products, services and information.  They are heavily dependent on new and interesting content, new offers and coordination of marketing activities with social media platforms. Online forums are popular here.

Types of Website

E learning websites

E Learning is a rapidly growing and requires dedicated components to present courses in an interesting and engaging manner.  Commercial websites require payment and content delivery engines along with necessary database and customer management functionality to track progress and to upsell and cross sell related material. As with other high-end websites, technical, security and commercial skills and business processes are needed to support this type of activitiy

Listing websites

These are for businesses that need to present information in a consistent way so that visitors can compare and contrast product features and prices then buy in a secure banking environment.  Garages, camera resellers are example businesses.  These create opportunties to promote large numbers of goods through website admin.

Broadcasting websites

The internet enables radio and TV broadcasting 24x7x365 to local communities and to people globally. Video and audio broadcasting brings its own challneges to produce content but this is powerful medium for orgisations  such as churches and businesses whose markets are well defined and receptive.

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