Online eCommerce Store And Your Website

Planning and execution are key

Having relevant, brand aligned and timely content is a necessity. Unfortunately, it is often far down the "to-do" list

When you want your site to be more than an online explanation and call to action for your business and services, it may be time to use your site to generate actual sales. To do this you will require your site to include e-commerce designs and capabilities so that your visitors can easily view what you are selling, make informed choices and then purchase in a safe an secure manner, confident that the goods they buy will be delivered. People purchasing from your site want to be confident that they can return goods and have their money reimbursed.  The bottom line is that there is a lot more work and skills needed than meets the eye!

Creating the e-commerce technical platform is an important part of the process but is really only one of a number of interrelated tasks that needs to be addressed to get your business trading online.  Other key considerations include:

  • Content, specifically images and copy that presents your products and services in an engaging way
  • Design of your ecommerce pages and their context within your website so that the buyer experience is positive
  • A set of products and services to be promoted online along with a pricing and promotional plan 
  • Analytics to measure visitor online behaviours so that you can evolve your offers
  • Robust data management approach to capture client and sales data
  • Aligned social media and physical marketing to engage with people
  • Ability to tactically change your offer to take advantage e.g. to respond to competition or to promote high performing products
When planning or updating your online e-commerce project, our advice is to look at the big picture in terms of what you want to achieve and to break that down into manageable steps so that you can begin to get a clear view on the timescales, costs, hardware, software and skills required.  Armed with this information you are equipped to make decisions on how you want to go forward, either by commissioning outside agencies, by doing the job inhouse, or a combination of both.  

Concept to completion

Our approach to projects of this type is to work with individuals and teams to identify what support they need to achieve their goals and to support them through the journey.  The framework we use is shown below.  More information about how we go about scoping and designing solutions is here.

Purpose built Solutions
- New tools and methods -

  • Initial consultation
  • Written proposal
  • Ongoing dialogue
  • Strategy and quick wins
  • Design, build and delivery
  • Content creation and management
  • Project management
  • Training and coaching
  • Support

Do it yourself or third parties?

The video below is a tutorial that outlines how to go about designing and implementing an online eCommerce store using WordPress.  The video runs for over 4 hours and although long it is comprehensive.  Our experience suggests that to use this type of material for DIY projects is time consuming and often frustrating with results falling short of expectations. (A tutorial like this can take over a week to work through and apply).  The tutorial also assumes that you have the tools, design insight, content, and a clear view on what you want to sell and communicate and how.  As noted above, content creation and content management is often a significant exercise and should not be underestimated in terms of time and cost.

So, unless you have the time and desire to follow this path, we would recommend against it and to speak to a third party to take away the pain and hassle involved. 

What makes us different is that we support you from concept to completion. You use us for what you need, across all aspects of people, process and technology, including project management. 

"Online tutorials are great if you have the time, content and inclination. Your time is probably better spent running your business."

David Stewart, CEO.
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Free consultation

We enjoy speaking with people and helping them get the tools and processes in place and working.   A short conversation may be a good starting point.  My direct number is 0771 0628198. Alternatively, click on the button below and we can diary a convenient time. 

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