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This article outlines how we are supporting MKGR to further develop their online presence and to give provide them with more  tools and capability to attract and keep visitors to their site and station.   

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Having successfully delivered a public event with Milton Keynes Gospel Radio, we were tasked with upgrading their website to V2. This involved:

  • Evolution of the site to give  visitors easy access to the station and 24x7x365 broadcasting
  • Develop the colour and functionality of the site
  • Outline purpose of the station and how it is evolving evolution
  • Foundation pages for weekly and daily broadcasting schedule
  • Inclusion of video and photographs from the public event
  • News pages, archives and initial content 
  • Events, giving, about and contact pages
  • Begin public appeal for volunteers 
The functionality of the site has developed considerably. Programming information is required to flesh out the broadcasting  schedule. 

Radio schedule for the week and day


V2.1 This release will:

  • Improve layout to blend sections of the website in a more interesting and dynamic way
  • Add content and news

News and links to specific material

 V3 Plans
  • V3 will be guided by user feedback and through the brand and design guidelines that are under development.

More information

The approach outlined is adaptable for any type of business and we would be pleased to advise on the best option for you.

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