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Pop-Ups Produce Results

Pop-ups focus attention

Today, I want to give you an example of how pop-ups can be used to attract the attention of visitors and to encourage them to take action. In this example, we have a charity that reaches its audience using several websites and social media. They have an important seminar in the offing and they want to bring people together to explore common challenges and opportunities, and to agree with community leaders how to bring about positive change.

Pop-ups inform and create action

The event is expensive to plan and deliver so it is important that the investment is used wisely. Key to success is to get people to attend the event.  A pop up is a useful tool to add to have on your website and within two seconds the pop-up appears. It outlines the agenda and invites people to confirm attendance.  The pop-up is easily closed for individuals who simply want to look at the site without further distraction. 

Pop-ups create collateral 

The same pop-up is used in other websites owned by the charity and the collateral is also used in Social Media to promote the event. 

Pop-ups make things happen

In summary, the pop-up is easy and quick to create and post. It is very visible and invites a response that simply would not happen without the pop-up. 

Use Pop-ups creatively

On this site, we have an additional feature that appears when a visitor leaves the site. A pop-up comes up inviting a blessing to be bestowed upon the visitor.  This pop-up is consistent with the inclusive theme of the site. 


Should you want to explore how to improve visitor enquiries and conversion rates using pop-ups them please contact me, David Stewart on 0771 0629198.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 
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