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We were invited to document the December fundraising event for the Ifybella Kidney Charity in Milton Keynes. This is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of kidney failure, a silent killer, particularly within the minority ethnic groups. Together, we can make a difference to prevent the suffering of the affected people through education and management. 

We videoed the highlights of the evening and we recorded the guest speaker. Because the location was very dim we used professional video lighting along with low light video cameras. This combination produced high-quality content to promote the charity online.  Three cameras were deployed at the same time to provide different perspectives.  The audio was recorded using dedicated equipment that resulted in a higher quality soundtrack than would have been achieved if we had relied on the available sound equipment. 

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Lumix GH5S low-light 4k camera with Rode Pro+ microphone and filler video light for high-quality video and audio capture.


Dr Tunde Ogunyiluka delivers a talk about Kidney disease, its causes and effects and how we can take practical steps to mitigate the chance of getting this disease. 47 minutes.

Overview of the event and the vision for the charity. (6:43 minutes)

Ifybella introduces the fundraising evening and gives some background of the charity. (11:41 minutes).

Gospel singers harmonising to well-known songs of praise. 

How money is invested to address the sufferers of Kidney disease. Generous giving from people in the audience. (3:43 minutes)


We were asked to photograph speakers and the audience for social media and we are delighted that the final images capture the dynamism and depth of the speakers and of the event, particularly those using the strong video lighting in combination with an on-camera flash to create dramatic portraits.  

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