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Hero image to set the tone and feel of the church website.

Whaddon Way Church wanted to upgrade their existing website to present their church and the services they provide in a relevant and engaging way to the community they serve in West Bletchley.  They chose to work with us because we provide a complete service: 

  • An understanding of church mission, strategies, the importance of outreach and an understanding of local demographics.
  • Ability to work with church leaders and their team to develop a cost-effective, visually appealing, and modern website.
  • Ability to create relevant and compelling written and visual content.
  • Project management to deliver the website, transition from their old website and to train and equip the team to produce blogs, to manage their new website and to manage the events diary and other pages & features.
  • Day to day expertise, conversations, and support.

Your website and social media helps define and deliver your vision

By formally thinking through the services provided by your church to the community, and how you describe and communicate them to different types of people in your area, you create opportunities to further involve church members and community partnerships in church initiatives.  You have complete control of the tools to do this by demonstrating and describing your vision and to show practical leadership by releasing articles, blogs, and updates on your website and social media.  Use video, photographs and stories to create momentum. This gives transparency and shared information that would be difficult and time-consuming to do without these tools and disciplines.

We therefore strongly encourage you to plan and publish updates and regular content on your website, blogs, and social media to demonstrate and recognise achievement.

The website templates we use to give you the tools to work as outlined in a cost and time effective way. This approach will help attract new people to your church, increase and energise participation of existing members, increase revenue and to better share the “Good News” with the community you serve.

Website Services

Our website services are cost-effective and deliver a quality website and user experience because the underlying platform, website build, and collateral is repeatable, quick to implement and inexpensive relative to a “start-from-scratch” or “do it yourself” options.    You get a website that is individual to your church, with tailored content and a unique “look and feel.”

Making people welcome – an explicit statement.


We use WordPress to produce class-leading, professional website with advanced features. Example features include:

  • Event management.
  • Fundraising tools.
  • Online payments.
  • Email integration.
  • Mission/campaign management.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • SSL and security
  • Site backup
  • Site speed optimisation

The hosting package used by the Whaddon Way Church was suitable for the new website so there was no disruption to existing contracts and email systems.

Church needs to be online

Our society has embraced online services to provide information, to purchase and to share experiences and a church should provide visitors to the church website with these capabilities, not least because this is expected by website visitors and regular users.  Two examples are shown below, event management and fundraising.

Event Management

Online diary management is increasingly an essential feature for a church website and this can be done in a transparent, visual and creative way that gives you the opportunity to promote services, outreach and community initiatives for churched and non-churched people thereby extending your reach and relevance to the community.

An example online event management, useful to promote services, missions, and community programmes.

Fundraising & giving

The slide below is an example of church and community fundraising that can be done using this theme for missions and community programmes.  This form of giving may not be an immediate requirement but as your membership adapts to online services, this will become an accepted way of giving.

 Whaddon Way Church Website (

Their new website features photographs that capture the demographics of the local community and presents services that Whaddon Way Church provides.  Worship and sacraments are shown in a respectful way. Church life is shown as services and missions.  The text, images, and design of the site invite people to find out more and to come along to the church and get involved.

The page below shows the services and missions provide by Whaddon Way Church and provides links to each.  Individual mission pages describe the mission and illustrate using photographs, and where appropriate video.

Your church website creates opportunities to communicate how you serve your community and relevance of these services to the viewer.

Content Creation

We suggest that you invest in professional photography to ensure that the images used in your website are of a high quality and are sympathetic to the objectives and text used in the website and social media.  We do this for you to create photographs, video, and copy as part of our inclusive service. This ensures that you get exactly the images and content you need at a cost you can afford.

For day to day content creation, we suggest that you create your own photographs and video. This article may be helpful.


 Our professional photography and video services ensure that you get the right images for your website


Project Management

A structured and transparent approach is used to guide clients through design and implementation. They know what is happening and when. Meetings are scheduled and tasks organised so that everything goes smoothly. The diagram below is an example project plan around which you can organise your team.

An illustrative project plan. Your plan is tailored to your needs and will include considerations for people, processes and technology



Our technical and content creation training equips leaders and those tasked with keeping the site current.

Content Creation Training

This training considers how to create an interesting copy, photographs, and videos. Training typically lasts for an hour or more, depending on the topics and needs of the audience. The slide below is an example we use to explore with a client the benefits that a new or refreshed website together with social media activities will generate.


Create content with what you have

This slide is an example that we use to stimulate discussion with our clients about the tools and expertise required to create content for a church website and social media. Our approach gives people the confidence to get out and create content using the tools they have.

Jargon-free text

It is important to communicate using words and phrases that are simple and free of jargon, especially for non-churched people.  Very often they are not aware or familiar with Christain concepts so we work with our clients to create copy that is focussed on people and their needs so that the services and missions provided are seen to be valuable and attractive.

Website Content Management Training

This training gives an overview of the site and we cover details such as passwords, instructions, plugins, page redirections, and website back up so that website maintenance can proceed smoothly.  We provide website support and content management services.

Media library

This is an example slide we sue to give people the skills to manage media content.  Similar material is provided for each page in the site and a specific instruction is included for sermon uploads, event management, online payments, camapaign management and more.

More information

For more information about our website design and support services and how we can help by:

  • Describing your catchment area and relate that to your mission and services, and how these services are articulated to non-church people.
  • Design your church website and how it relates to social media in terms of branding and content.
  • Provide a roadmap to introduce and use more advanced website features.
  • Creating relevant and timely copy, photographs and video.
  • Equip you and your team to manage your website and to produce content.
  • Provide a delivery plan with clear a clear timeline and how we work together.
  • Source hosting and website theme, plugins, and security
  • Assist with Search Engine Optimisation to get your site noticed.
  • Developing and managing a communications plan using specific messages to support your mission activities.
  • Provide ongoing technical and content support.

I am pleased to chat through your requirements and provide ideas that may be useful. Please call David on 0771 0628 198 or send me an email

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