Milton Keynes Gospel Radio - Audio Update

- Volunteer Opportunities -

Jonathan Evans updates us on preparations for live voice broadcasting on Milton Keynes Gospel Radio.  There has recently been a technology refresh to deliver a fantastic listening experience by moving away from analogue to digital technology.  This creates opportunities for people to volunteer to support the station and learn new skills and apply skills they already have. 



Learn new skills.  Use skills you already have.

Live talk programmes are being planned and to help us achieve our goals we are seeking volunteers with a passion for what we are doing in the following areas:

  • Live broadcasting – individuals with a desire to develop and broadcast live and pre-recorded material. 
  • Audio technicians – to maintain service across hardware and software platforms.
  • Fundraising  – People with  drive and enthusiasm to support our work in a number of areas including, fundraising, content creation and day to day support activities.

These will be part time opportunities.  Training will be a mix of self learning and coaching. 

Help us make Milton Keynes Gospel Radio a reality. 

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